About Geoftar Projects

GeofTar Projects began when a gap in the market for affordable Road surfacing and Water-Proofing services stood out like a sore thumb. We intend on providing clients with reasonably priced, high quality Road surfacing and Water-Proofing services throughout South Africa.

Our fundamental focus is on quality, affordability and efficiency from workmanship to customer service.
We pride ourselves in being the solution to any road construction issues in this growing South African economy. With Construction being one of the critical sectors in our economy, Geof Tar provides sustainable services that not only focus on the bottom line, but a triple bottom line approach incorporating Social and Environmental issues.
We hope our core values become our trademark and are what resonates in every project we undertake. We aspire to not only become the leading Road works construction company but also to leave a mark in every site and community we grace our presence in. Let us help you bring all you have envisioned for your home, road or site to life.